Requirements To Transfer Interest:

  • To add a person to your account or to transfer interest from one owner (or entity) to another (multiple owners), please provide a recorded, certified copy of the Mineral Deed, Quitclaim Deed, Warranty Deed, Assignment or other document evidencing the transfer.  The document should be recorded in the county where each property is located.
  • To transfer interest to a trust, please consult an attorney regarding instructions on how to establish the trust and transfer title.  Please provide a copy of the properly executed legal document, transferring interest from an individual (or entity) to the trust.  A copy of the documents establishing the trust as a legal entity should also be provided.  These documents will need to be recorded in the county where each property is located.
  • For a change in name, please provide a copy of the legal document stipulating the change of name.  For example, a divorce decree, marriage certificate, or other official documentation effecting name change. 
  • To transfer interest due to owner death:
    • If owner dies testate (with a will) and probate proceedings are conducted in the same State in which the property is located, please provide a copy of the Last Well and Testament, order admitting will to probate and Letters Testamentary.  When probate is completed, evidence that all debts and taxes have been paid and a copy of the Final Decree of Distribution and appropriate recorded conveyances will also be required.

    • If owner dies intestate (without a will), please provide a copy of the death certificate, Heirship affidavit (individual state laws of descent and distribution will apply), and appropriate recorded conveyances.

In order to expedite processing, please include the owner number, full name, address, tax identification number or social security number, and contact information for all parties involved.

Please note that transfers can take up to 45 days to process from the date all necessary documentation has been received.

All transfer documentation must be sent to Chisholm’s office. Contact Information is shown below.

801 Cherry Street, Suite 1200, Unit 20
Fort Worth, TX76102